Hi, I’m Peter, nice to see you here!

I am a designer and creative consultant, currently living in Brno, Czech Republic. Ever since 2013 I’ve been creating and maintaining Brand Identities and both physical and digital campaigns for businesses, NGOs and creative collectives.
I believe that good design comes from a process of perpetual communication. Not just between Designer and Client in the development phase, but mainly between the final product and its user. You know the feeling when things simply talk to you. That’s exactly what I aim for.
I love a good cup of coffee, any kind of seafood, anything music related or a nice high altitude hike.
(check out my personal instagram for any adventures i might be on).


things I can help you with:


Brand Identity

I will ask a LOT of questions.
so we can create a strong a memorable brand, growing with your business

Creative direction

let me show you what else is possible
so you don’t have to follow all the clichés

Print design

all the things you can touch and give away
so we can crete an authentic emotional connection with your clients