Peter Rod

Product Designer

I diagnose with data
and treat with design. πŸ‘‰

And no, that's not my quote.
(Julie Zhuo said that)
However if you'd like to check out how I work and see the design and world, just click on some buttons below πŸ‘‡


As of today I have been designing in various mediums for more than 7 years. I started out as a visual and graphic designer with a passion for branding.
Soon after, I discovered interaction, UX and Product design and continued to learn and broaden my skillset every day.

At the moment I work as a Senior UX Designer @ Kentico Kontent. (Check my LinkedIn for thorough work history)

I also speak at and organize various local design events:


To paraphrase great climate focused Product Designer Rachel He – the notion that digital products are somehow exempt from environmental just has to be dismantled.

Every digital product leaves quite significant carbon and environmental footprint. And it is us, designers and technologists who have the unique power to shape these products.

I think the power is also our great responsibility. I devote part of my free time and sometimes also my work time to help find and create climate friendly solutions.

My passion project: Design Sustainably is a collection of resources, tools, tips and tricks for like-minded designers.
I created it in 2020 and I continue to maintain and curate it on a weekly basis. Go ahead and check out how YOU can design more sustainably πŸ‘‡


My current mission:

Use design to bring value (both to users and organizations).
(and do it in the most sustainable way possible)

I am deeply interested in simplifying complexity, both for users and organizations. I try to practice design holistically and I love to explore and try out new frameworks to address complex design problems. I'm especially passionate about designing in B2B context or designing work tools and making lives and businesses easier.

I believe that designers are mere enablers of good design in product teams.

If you'd like to know more about my design process or the tools and methods I use just check out these:

My process

  1. I begin every project with exploration of the problem space. I try to get as deep understanding of the problem space and empathy for the point of view of both users and organisations as possible.

  2. I collect data and if necessary I conduct some exploratory research. I approach everything I hear here as mere symptoms and I avoid making any conclusions.

  3. I try to make sense from the data I gathered and I form a hypothesis of what could be the design problem. I bring this knowlegde to my team and dissect the learnings with them.

  4. I facilitate a design session with my team and we together design an intervention. I aim for the smallest possible thing that might bring the user value as well as something we could implement, test and iterate on quickly.

  5. I test this intervention, either on prototype in a usability testing session or in gated part of the live product (if possible). I always bring someone from development with me to observe.

  6. We iterate on the learnings from testing and quantitative data we collected. And we repeat this process until we achieve the improvement we aimed for. Usability and business wise.

My toolbox


In design context I usually follow Design thinking, Double Diamond or when situation needs it Design Sprint. When mapping a complex problem space I love to use System mapping, I prioritise solutions and approaches using RICE score and Opportunity Solution Trees

Mental tools

When approaching problem I generally use the first principles approach. I use all kinds of decision matrices, abstraction laddering, systemic tools such as feedback loops or second order thinking.


My tooling staples: Figma, Notion, Trello, Pomodoro timer, any kind of communication SW (Slack, Teams,...) and Documentation & Workflow suite (Atlasian products).

Although – software is not what matters, it the quality of designed solution and the quality of communication.

After Work

what do I do outside of (home) office

I love to shoot on analog – right now I use either vintage soviet Zenit E or lovely and quirky pano Polaroid 3200F, usually on expired Fuji or Kodak Portra

A lot. Anything design and non design, check out what I read at the moment on my Goodreads

I love to spend time in mountains. Running (skyrunning and trail), Climbing (sport, boulder and ice), ski touring or just plain hiking - I'm game!

Big foodie here. I love to explore new palates and approaches – usually spending the rainy days in kitchen perfecting a new recipe for a dinner party or starting a new crazy ferment. (and yeah, saving for a trip to Noma as well)


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