It's Peter

Product Designer and Leader

My north stars

Diagnose with data, treat with design

People and interactions over processes and tools

10x the design without pushing 10x pixels

My track record

After more than 8 years in the industry I have worked in various design mediums from visual design to service and org design. Here are a couple of my latest experiences:

(note: I can't talk some of the projects publicly yet, but I'm happy to walk you through my process on a call)

Senior Product Designer


As a second designer on the team I influenced the shape and direction of the new computational medium for Data Scientists and Analysts & lead the team to better operational efficiency

some of the work I did here:

  • Stepped up the efficiency of the Design Team

  • Moved user activation rates ⇡ (KYC, onboarding, value proposition, a-ha moments, habit moments)

  • Greatly improved the enterprise-readyiness of the product (security, auditing, user management, collaboartion features)

  • Drove the upgrade of the Design system

  • Improved continuous discovery habits and the customer research game (better qualitative methodologies, flow and journey mapping)

Senior Product designer


As a part of newly formed Fintech team I helped to drive up the discovery game and overall product maturity of the team.

Senior UX Designer


New Content as a Service tool based on Headless architecture. I was mainly focused on Product desing of the content management and operations domain with overlaps to Service design. I also lead the improvement and maturing of Design Operations and processes.

  • Levelled up the Design Operations more here →

  • Brought Realtime collaboration as the first in the market segment ( more here → )

  • Owned the creation and implementation of Design System from scratch. more here →

...And others




National Theatre


I'm greatly indebted to the design community for all the knowledge and help I got all those years.

Now I'm giving back as much as possible by mentoring designers, teaching new generation at Masaryk University, speaking regularly at local and European community events.

About me

Apart from design I am an avid ourdoor buff - 🧗 climber, 🏃 runner, 🎿 ski-tourer, 🧘 yogi, and analogue 📸 enthusiast. more here →


A couple of recordings from my talks at various events. I'm a regular speaker and facilitator at RealUX camp Czechia and UX Camp Europe in Berlin,

Lately I've been focusing mainly on topics of DesignOPS, designing tools and designing for B2B.

Lightning Talks - Hollistic Empathy

UX Monday - Supporting Designers in a Team

Climate Designers - Sustainability pioneering